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“Zombie Tattoo Parlor - Love never dies.”

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“Zombie Tattoo Parlor”

Love never dies. Or does it?

Johnny Horne, Sara Carolynn Kennedy and Ted ShonkaZombie couple (Johnny Horne and Sara Carolynn Kennedy) checking out the merchandise shown by the tattoo parlor proprietor (Ted Shonka).Relationships are complicated. Especially when you don't have a pulse.

ztp nobitingWhat does a thoughtful zombie boy (Johnny Horne) give his perfect zombie girl, Flo (Sara Carolynn Kennedy), to show her she's the one?

Here's an idea, let her choose your next body art! Only, you have to ask yourself, how far are you really willing to go?

The local tattoo parlor owner (Ted Shonka) is only too eager to help - for a price.

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