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“Blackstone - Hand of God”

Blackstone Official Trailer

Blackstone - Hand of God™

Blackstone Teaser

Fire and brimstone radio preacher, Reverend J. Mortimer Blackstone, wanted desperately to be chosen by God. One fateful night he had a visitor - an avid listener had eaten something she shouldn’t and thought she was dying.

Would he pray with her?

The next morning, lying in a pool of blood, Blackstone opened his only remaining eye and finally saw God’s plan.

He wasn’t chosen to save the world. He was chosen to end it.

And he knew exactly what to do.

Blacksone Cast with Character Bios

Spoiler Alert!

Just kidding. This is a quick taste of the characters inhabiting the world of “Blackstone - Hand of God™". Heroes, villains and a few undecideds. Read on, zPeeps. Meet the alt-future.

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“Blackstone - Hand of God™” Official Movie Poster

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