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“Zombie, Kansas - Death in the heartland.”

Two mutilated, one missing.

Death is stalking the sleepy Kansas countryside.

Hurry now. Sun's setting. Lock your doors and listen to the distant echoes of someone - something - approaching in the growing darkness.

Dover, Kansas, August, 2017

Billy Joe Budreau (Shawn Nyberg) and Adelaide O’Hara (Alexandra Reilly)Billy Joe Budreau (Shawn Nyberg) and Adelaide O’Hara (Alexandra Reilly) [click to enlarge]Murder is roaming the lonely Kansas backroads.

A beautiful, solitary woman, Adelaide o'Hara (Alexandra Reilly), has a dark past and eccentric tastes. Will a warning from the good guy local sheriff, Jimmy Gilcrest (David Crawford), save her? Can a long-suffering wannabe boyfriend, Billy Joe (Shawn Nyberg), protect her?

Or, does Adelaide know something everyone else doesn't?

Who's hunting who is the question everyone should be asking. But no one is.

Heather MacNamara (Sheri Rippel), Sheriff Jimmy Gilcrest (David Crawford) and “Scary Larry” Maxwell (Bruce Smith)Heather MacNamara (Sheri Rippel), Sheriff Jimmy Gilcrest (David Crawford) and “Scary Larry” Maxwell (Bruce Smith) [click to enlarge]

Adelaide O'Hara - Alex Reilly
"Miss Adelaide" lives alone and likes it that way. Proud and self-sufficient. Never married, but local legend has it her high school sweetheart, Johnny Wilcox, disappeared back in the day and nobody's quite sure how or why.

Jimmy Gilcrest - David Crawford
Easy going sheriff. Good at his job, but recent mutilation murders in his county have him running in circles. Makes a special trip out to warn Miss Adelaide to be careful.

Billy Joe Budreau - Shawn Nyberg
Local farmer and Adelaide's nearest neighbor. Has had a thing for Adelaide since grammar school. Keeps thinking if he makes himself useful enough, she'll come around. Forty years and counting, no sign his plan is working. Still...

Reverend J. Mortimer Blackstone - Dusty Nichols
Over the top evangelist at KGOD, the local Christian station. Hellfire and brimstone. Spends most of his program predicting the end of the world as foretold in Revelations and soliciting donations, "while there's still time..." His main sponsor is Granny Homer's Toe Fungus remedy.

Heather D. MacNamara - Sheri Rippel
Newscaster at KZMB reporting another mutilated victim found, etc. Heather has big journalism ambitions and these murders may be her one chance to make a name for herself.

"Scary Larry" Maxwell - Bruce Smith
Nicknamed by local high school kids, Scary Larry is a highly decorated severely PTSD'd Viet Nam vet conspiracy theory off his meds but hauntingly lovable everybody knows him and ignores his rantings and he actually might have been right all along guy.

Maxine Johnson - Ashley Young
Local divorcee, not her first rodeo. Or second. Has designs on the sheriff but, so far, he's resisting. Maxine is the ultimate bad influence, and totally worth it.

Darlene Smith - Laura Mzichteno
Maxine's wing girl. Always up for whatever Maxine is up for. The only thing she really fears is Saturday night with nothing to do.

Jason "Beezer" Maxwell - Kelly Rippel
Beezer is Scary Larry's nephew, guardian, bread winner and roommate. Does his best to take care of his uncle, but needs his job to keep a roof over their heads and can't keep an eye on him all the time.

Convertible Girls - Larissa Goodwin, Abigail Musick, Wendy Long, Lauren Smith.
Bored, beautiful and a little too ready for some serious fun.

Without our fabulous crew, there would be no movie.

Kudos, thanks and holy molies out to:

Brenda Blackman - Production Manager

Dan Mauer - Cinematography

John Kauk - Production Photographer

Nicole Spacek & Carmen Anello - Makeup Design, Johnny Wilcox scene, worm wrangling

Erin McGinnis - Hair Design

Joe Gibson - Key Grip

Marilyn Harden - Set Coordinator

Harley Vinsonhaler - Mr. Crawford's stunt double


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