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“Zombie Laundry”

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“Zombie Laundry”

The original Roaring Rat Film zombie comedy short.

Kat Keyes in Zombie LaundryErin McGinnis in Zombie LaundryA beautiful young girl (Kat Keys) sets off to do her laundry and discovers just how far her neighborhood has declined since the apocalypse.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be too clean, you know?

Roaring Rat's first production will make you smile, cringe, laugh and go, "Ewwww!"

Kitschy fun in a twisted, zombie-filled future. Cast includes: Kat Keyes, Johnny Horne, Erin McGinnis, Martha Bartlett Piland, Ty Johnsrud, Matt Bauer, Laurie Harrison and Ryan Dyer.

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